3 reasons to stop eating meat, poultry and dairy products

The latest scientific findings on the health effects of eating meat and dairy are a big win for consumers who want to reduce their meat and poultry consumption, but they’re also proving controversial.

Here’s a look at the science and what you need to know about the meat and protein industry.1.

Meat and dairy don’t kill cancer.

But there are some reasons why they can, according to new research.

In an investigation published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, examined how meat and milk might affect the immune system.

They found that although dairy products and meat are associated with increased risk of colon cancer, they are not associated with a heightened risk of the disease.

They also found that there are differences in how people respond to meat and a different immune response to milk.

This means that if you consume meat and are overweight, it might not affect your immune system, and if you eat milk and are obese, it may increase your risk.2.

A lot of scientists are not sure about the role of animal protein.

There is some evidence that animal protein may help the body digest more calories, but there is also some controversy about the effects of animal proteins on the body.

For instance, a recent study in the journal Nutrition found that animal products can lower blood pressure.

This is based on a study that found a reduction in blood pressure when people ate more protein in a laboratory setting.

The same research has shown that people who ate a higher-protein diet tended to be more likely to have a lower blood-pressure level.3.

Most people don’t know about animal protein’s potential health benefits.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning to consumers in December 2017, saying that animal foods may cause cancer.

According to the FDA, a number of studies have linked a number, including a recent one from the University at Albany, New York, to colon cancer.

In the study, the researchers compared subjects who ate animal products with subjects who did not.

Those who ate more animal protein were more likely than those who ate less animal protein to have an increased risk for colon cancer compared to those who did eat less.

The researchers concluded that the high amount of animal-based protein in animal products may contribute to the development of colon and rectal cancer.4.

You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy meat and cheese.

If you are vegan and eat animal products, you may also be at higher risk of heart disease.

The best way to reduce your risk of developing heart disease is to eat a healthy diet that includes animal protein, dairy products, fish, nuts and seeds.5.

Meat consumption can lead to diabetes.

A large body of research indicates that animal-free diets can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, but research is still limited.

A meta-analysis of nine studies found that vegetarian diets were associated with lower blood sugar and higher blood cholesterol, while vegan diets were not.6.

The dairy industry has been known to make some questionable statements.

Dairy products are made from animal fat, which can cause allergic reactions.

Dairy and eggs are used in so many foods that many people have allergies to them.

And even the dairy industry’s own website has a section titled “How to avoid dairy,” which states that milk is good for you, but that it’s not good for the environment.

The bottom line is that you can’t ignore the potential risks that come with eating dairy.7.

The American Cancer Society recommends that people limit their consumption of milk and other dairy products.

The association’s recommendation includes a number items such as skim milk, whole milk, skim cheese and cream.

However, the association has also recommended that people use a food diary to keep track of their intake and what they’re eating.

The diary can help you determine if you’re consuming enough calcium and phosphorus to meet your calcium and phosphate needs.8.

Some researchers have argued that dairy products can promote certain types of cancer.

A recent study found that, for instance, animal-derived milk increases the risk for colorectal cancer, which is the most common type of cancer among men.

The findings were published in The Journal of Nutrition.

Researchers compared people who consumed more dairy products with those who didn’t, and they found that those who consumed milk and eggs had an increased likelihood of developing colorectoral cancer in a subgroup of people who were predisposed to developing the disease, and that these same individuals had a higher risk for developing colontal cancer when they were eating a vegan diet.9.

Many health experts think that we should eat less meat and more fish.

Some experts say that the best way for people to lose weight is to reduce meat consumption.

For others, there are different strategies that could help people lose weight.

For some, like dietitian Dr. Nancy Flanders, a vegan nutritionist and the author of the “How I Cheated My Way to Weight Loss” book

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