‘I don’t think I’m a cat person’: Cat owner struggles with her piercing

A cat owner who has had to deal with her ears piercing for nearly a year says she has no desire to be a cat.

Alicia and her husband of almost 15 years, Mike, have had to wear cat ears since their dog was adopted and has been unable to wear them since.

The family of three have been dealing with their piercing for several months now and Alicia says they have been getting a lot of support from the public, which has helped them deal with the ordeal.

“We have been really thankful for the support, it’s been wonderful, it really is,” Alicia said.

“I don’st think I’ll ever want to be an animal.

I have no desire.

It’s so much pain.””

The people around us have been so nice to us and we appreciate that, so that’s really helped us, but at the end of the day, no one wants to be one of the thousands of animals in the world that get to wear their ears pierced, that can’t eat or drink, and that can feel their own pain.”

Ms Alicia said she has not seen a cat wearing her ears, which are in her ears.

“They are beautiful and beautiful ears and I can see how people might not want to have them,” she said.

Ms Alicia, who is also a nurse, said the piercing has made the ordeal more difficult.

“It’s really a pain and we’re just getting used to it,” she added.

“You think you’ve got to do something, but you just want to sit there and look at the cat and not do anything.”

Ms Nick, who has a similar piercing, said he had never had to go through such a thing.

“There are some cats that do that and I think it’s a good thing to do,” he said.”[But] I don’t know how to deal.

I just want it gone.”

The ABC has contacted the Queensland Government for a comment.

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