When do you need to wrap your cat?

When your cat is flat headed and curled up, it means she’s not eating enough.

That’s because she’s just got to feed herself.

Cat owners should wrap their cat to prevent her from getting fat and becoming a carrier.

Here are some tips: Don’t let your cat curl up in a corner or hide in a box.

If your cat’s flat headed, don’t wrap her in a flat head.

Wrap her in something with a bit of fabric around her head.

You can also wear a headband or a fur hat for her protection.

Wrap in a warm towel.

Place the towel in the fridge for 30 minutes to a few hours.

Wrap the towel between her legs to keep her warm.

Wrap a soft cloth or a cloth towel under the towel to keep the cats feet warm.

Put a soft towel under her feet and let her curl up.

If you’re not sure, you can always use the cat food to wrap the towel and make it easier for her to curl up if she wants to.

Do not wrap the cat in a blanket or other type of blanket.

It will keep her from eating.

Instead, place the cat on a low table with a little sheet of cardboard or paper.

Lay her on the table and put a blanket under her legs and place the blanket on top of the cat.

When she’s curled up on the cardboard or cardboard, place her on a sheet of paper.

Wrap around her neck, ears, and ears, keeping the towel snug.

If she’s flat, lay her flat on the bottom of the sheet of sheets and keep it tight around her body.

Wrap on the outside of the sheets, under the cat, and around her tail.

Don’t put the cat inside the blanket.

Cats should only be outside on their own if it’s safe for them to do so.

Wrap them inside if they’re wearing a coat, or if you’re using the cat as a carrier or cat food.

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