Which state is most conservative on guns?

This quiz finds out which state is more likely to support stricter gun laws, and which one is more liberal on the issue.

The results are based on data from a new poll conducted by the Institute for Research on Democracy, a nonpartisan think tank.

The institute also polled a group of gun owners from across the country to get their opinion on gun policy.

The findings reveal some surprising truths about how gun policy is changing in the U.S. After the Sandy Hook massacre, most Americans said they opposed more gun control measures.

In a new survey, however, only 44 percent of respondents agreed with the statement that “the U.K. and Australia are among the safest countries in the world to own a firearm.”

Gun control advocates and gun owners are concerned that a growing number of Americans are increasingly turning to the internet to find information on gun laws.

According to the study, only 29 percent of those polled said they use a public website such as GunPolicy.org to find gun laws to protect themselves, compared to 58 percent of Americans who do not use such sites.

The study found that among gun owners, the majority are satisfied with gun safety, but only 33 percent of gun control supporters say they are “very satisfied” with the quality of gun safety information available on the internet.

Some gun control advocates have suggested that gun owners may feel that their Second Amendment rights are being infringed on.

But gun owners also expressed concerns about how their Second Ammendment rights were being violated.

“Most Americans say they have never had a gun, but the overwhelming majority of them say that gun ownership is something they feel strongly about,” said James Kallstrom, the director of the Institute of Politics and Public Policy at American University.

“A growing number are choosing to carry guns to protect their loved ones or their home, and many of them have no problem with it.

They simply do not want to see gun owners treated like criminals or terrorists.”

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