A hairstyle from the 1970s that’s getting a new life as trendy hairstyles

NEW YORK — A new twist on an old style is making waves in the world of hairstyles.

The “flat twist” is a hairstyle that has been popular in the United States since the 1970’s, when it was popularized by Bob Hope, and which is a result of the popularity of the film The Graduate, which featured a character named Fred, who was a flatter hairstyle.

In the movie, Fred had a flat top and long straight hair.

This hairstyle, which is popular in Canada and the United Kingdom, is called a flute twist.

According to its creator, Robyn McLean, it originated in the UK and now appears in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

A flute-twisted hairstyle is known as a flutter twist, and it is popular with children and people who are “fluttery” like us, McLean said.

People often say they want to have a fluttering hair style, Mclean said.

The flutter-twisting style has been seen in the movies The Graduate and The Princess Bride.

It’s also a favorite of people with allergies or allergies who love to flutter their hair, McLeod said.

McLean started flutter twists to try to make them “flatter,” and she found that they worked.

“I think that flutter twisting gives the hair a bit of an extra little bit of movement,” she said.

McLean said that she is inspired by the flute twists and has been making them for more than a decade.

Flutter twists are the best hair extensions, she said, and they work for everyone.

She said she is not against fluttering, but that people who do flutter must be careful with it.

“People have flutter and they like it,” she told The Associated Press.

“Flutter twisting is one of those things where you don’t want to flatter your hair too much and it has to be done in the right way.”

Flutter Twists in Australia In Australia, flutter twists are popular among people with a fluttersy style.

Australian women who flutter have a long hair, a flat back and a high back, McLennan said.

A flutter is the process of twisting and curling the hair, and some people choose a hair style called a flat twist.

The flat twist is also a popular hair style in the U.S. It is not available in Canada.

McLennans work for Flutter Twist Australia, a website that gives advice to people who want to learn more about flutter styles.

She said flutter hairstyles can also work well with allergies, but she did not have any specific allergies.

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