Magic is a flat earth myth

Flats are a popular theme in many science fiction films.

They are described as flat, with a “very smooth surface”, and are often described as being “flat” because they do not contain any gravity.

However, there is no evidence to suggest that there are any flat planets in our Solar System.

This is despite there being a number of Earth-like planets in the Solar System (such as Mars and Neptune) that are also described as having flat surfaces.

The flat earth Myth Today the myth is still widely believed, with many people believing that the Earth is flat.

However there is a huge amount of evidence that suggests that it is not flat at all.

Astronomers are not the only ones who believe that the earth is not spherical.

In fact, the British government has recently released an extensive study which found that the UK is actually on the “flatest planet in the solar system”.

Astronomers also have some evidence to back up the belief that the flat earth is a myth.

A number of recent papers have been published in the journal Nature which show that many of the features of the Earth and its satellites are more typical of other planets in their orbit around the sun.

These include the lack of any rotation on Earth (with only the Earth’s axis around the Sun constant) and a large mass of water that is mostly ice.

This water has an abundance of salts and is used to build and maintain the Earth.

The lack of rotation also means that the water that the oceans contain cannot evaporate completely when it cools down.

The water does evaporate when the temperature drops below the freezing point of water.

The oceans are also a large part of the world’s oceans.

This suggests that they are more like liquid lakes than ocean basins.

The other feature that most people believe to be a flat Earth is the lack the rotation of the earth.

This implies that there is not enough rotation in the Earth to allow the Earths gravity to slow down.

In reality, there are about 50 billion hours of Earth rotation every year.

If we were to consider that each hour of Earth’s day lasts an average of about 30 seconds, this means that Earths rotation rate of 10,000 hours per day is actually slower than the rotation rate that we observe.

The reason that Earth is not a sphere is that it does not have an axis that revolves around the Earth, but instead it is rotating about the Sun, and the axis of rotation is not fixed.

In other words, Earth is a point cloud.

The Earth is also not rotating on its axis.

If the Earth were rotating at a constant speed of 20 km/hour, then the rotation would be about a full revolution every 2 minutes.

Earth is rotating at an angle to the Sun The Earth rotates around the axis at a speed of 60 degrees each second.

The earth also has a rotation speed of about 1/60 of a second.

Therefore, the rotation speed on the earth can vary between 0.1 and 2/60th of a revolution every second.

This means that, even if we were able to find a way to spin the Earth at an identical rate as the sun, we would not be able to rotate the earth to the same rate every second, as we would rotate with a different angle.

For example, the earth would not rotate in a straight line.

Instead, it would be rotating with an angle that is about half of the angle between the Earth as a whole and the sun (about 0.2 degrees).

This is called an oblate spheroid, and it means that it would look like a straight circle.

This would explain why there are no moons in the outer solar system, which is the closest orbit to the Earth in our solar system.

In addition, there were no moons on Mars when it was formed.

If this were the case, it could have produced the Mars we know today.

However the oblate spin is not always the same, as the planets can rotate at different rates and so have different rates of rotation.

The oblate shape The obliquity is a mathematical property that determines how quickly the rotation takes place.

For planets that spin at the same speed as the Sun (or similar speed for a planet that spins faster), this is called the oblucency.

If Earth is spinning at the oblatency of 20 degrees per second, then it would take the Earth just under three minutes to spin at a total of 30 degrees per hour.

This equates to an orbital speed of 0.18 minutes per hour (3.3 million miles per hour).

This makes the oblation of the planets to the earth a very small matter.

The speed of light The speed at which light travels in an absolute sense depends on the speed of sound.

In the case of the Sun and the planets, the speed is the speed at the speed barrier between them.

However for Earth, the light speed is much less.

The light speed of the sun is about 10

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