Which is the best flat-toe shoe?

A pair of Slingback flats is definitely the best shoe for a man to wear for his flat toe, according to a survey of 1,000 men.

The survey of 2,600 men, conducted by British footwear firm Burton & Harcourt, found that flat-toe shoes were the best for the flat-footer, with the same amount of support for the arch of the foot as men wearing wider, slimmer footwear.

A pair of Burton &amps shoes, made by Sledback, which are popular among men.

Getty Images/Burton &amp.; HarcourtBurton said the survey results were consistent with what it had heard from its customers.

“We were surprised by the findings of the survey, which was conducted by our client, Burton &amping,” a spokesperson told Newsweek.

“Our client has consistently rated the Sledbacks as the most comfortable footwear to wear on a regular basis for many years.”

The results were in line with what we have seen from our customers, and we believe the Slingbacks are the most versatile shoe for men.

“In addition to the Slingerback flat-tipped shoe, the survey found men prefer the Sauer Puma flats, with a total of 50% saying they were the preferred shoe for their flat-footedness.

Sauer, which makes the Puma shoes, told Newsweek it is “committed to delivering the most stylish and comfortable shoes for the men of the world,” and is working with Burton &AMP to bring its products to the flatfooting community.”

We look forward to introducing our products in 2018.””

Sauer is now working closely with the Burton &amped team to provide the most innovative and fashionable footwear to our customers.

We look forward to introducing our products in 2018.”

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