How to change the way you ride your bike

article Posted October 04, 2018 08:37:20 In the world of urban cycling, there is a certain amount of consensus: you should ride a bike with a flat tire.

That’s because, as bike riding culture has developed, so has the idea that a flat tyre can actually make the bike safer.

While it’s true that it takes a little bit of extra work to ride a flat, there’s a growing consensus that a bike that is made with a tire that is at least 1mm thick is a safer bike.

That consensus seems to be backed up by a new study published this week by researchers at the University of Sydney.

They tested 10,000 flat tire images from the Internet and found that flat tires were associated with a 33% lower risk of fatal crashes, and a 39% lower injury risk.

There are two main reasons why flat tires are so good: the flat tyre’s density allows it to absorb some of the kinetic energy as it passes through the tire, and because of how it’s designed, the flat tire is designed to be flexible.

If you’re going to be using a flat in your commute, you need to be sure that you have enough tread on the flat for your feet to have room to move freely.

To make this happen, flat tires tend to have a lower rim width, which means that the tread on a wider tire tends to be more stretched out over the rim, which makes the tire less likely to flex under pressure.

This is why a more traditional bicycle tire is often designed to have an even wider rim, while flat tires usually have a narrower rim.

The study also found that the increased number of rubber compounds in flat tires makes them less likely than other kinds of tires to wear out.

It seems like there are a lot of reasons why you might want to wear a flat for commuting.

A lot of people like to be able to put their feet on the ground without having to worry about the tire’s pressure dropping, and you might be comfortable wearing a flat because you’re trying to ride with a bike helmet.

That said, it’s important to remember that wearing a bike flat is not a guaranteed safety feature.

As a rule of thumb, you can safely wear a bike tire if it is at or below the rim width recommended by the manufacturer, but you shouldn’t wear a tire if the rim is wider than the recommended diameter of the bike.

If the rim has a diameter that is too narrow for you, it might not be a good idea to wear it.

Also, don’t wear your bike flat if it has punctures in it.

While these findings have implications for commuting on public transit, they may be of particular relevance for cycling on the street, where you’re likely to encounter a lot more crashes.

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