How to make the perfect flat earth theory

You know how you can see the curvature of a sphere in a mirror?

You can see it as a circle when it’s flat.

But how do you actually create a flat Earth?

That’s what scientists are now trying to find out.

What you need to know about the Flat Earth theory 1.

What is a flat earth?

A flat Earth is an idea that the earth is round and spherical, but it is not round.

It’s just a flat space with no top.

There is no way to know exactly how big it is. 2.

What’s the flat earth about?

The Flat Earth Society is a non-profit organisation that claims to have debunked all the flat Earth theories and now believes that it is actually flat earth.

It has been accused of spreading disinformation and lies about the flat landings, so it’s important that we look at the evidence, not just believe it, the society said.


Where does it come from?

It’s not a scientific theory, but a popular one that has been promoted by people who believe that their belief system is true.

The Flat Earthers, however, are not part of the group.


Why do the flat earthers believe in the flat ground?

The flat earth is based on a belief that the Earth is flat.

They say it’s because the Earth has not been moved in millions of years and that we have never had a “tidal event” or a “disaster”.

The idea that we are on a flat ground was first proposed in the 1970s and has been disproved numerous times.

The flat earth, which is actually a myth, was first coined in 1982 by Robert Oppenheimer, the US defence secretary, who said it was an accurate depiction of the Earth’s surface.

Oppenheimer used the flatness of the earth to explain the curvatures of the world.

“The flatness has been a fundamental aspect of our universe,” he said.

“But there is no such thing as the flat, and this is what the flat world is all about.”

The term “flat earth” was popularised by the Flat Ears radio show, which was first broadcast in 1990.

The show is now in its 70th year.


Is there any evidence that it’s true?

Scientists have been looking into the origins of the flatland theory for decades.

They found evidence that people had made claims about the earth being round in the 18th and 19th centuries.

In 1887, a 17-year-old student named James S. Hutton published a paper claiming that the world was round because he had seen a “flat star” on a “diamond globe”.

He also claimed that the Sun and the planets revolved around the earth.

He was later convicted of lying about the origins and contents of his papers and received a prison sentence of nearly three years.

His theories, which were rejected by scientific evidence, eventually faded.


Does the flat theory prove that the planet Earth is actually spherical?


There is evidence that flat earth theorists have claimed for centuries that the land mass of the planet is actually the same as the Earth, and that the continents on the other side of the Sun are actually part of an ocean.

But there are also some issues with the flat claims, including the fact that the flat theories can also be challenged as pseudoscience.


Is it true that flat Earth Theory is a conspiracy theory?

The group Flat Earts claimed in 1990 that the Flatearts had proven that the globe was not a circle.

It was the first time that scientists had attempted to disprove the theory.


Are there any other flat earth theories?

There are many other flat land claims.

Flat Earth Theory: The ‘Flat Land’ theory holds that the centre of the universe is in a spot that has a radius of about 0.5km and that if you put a sphere on it it will stay there.

Another flat land theory is that the entire Earth is in one place.

The ‘Earth is round’ theory was popularized by the BBC TV series The Flatlanders.

‘Flat’ Earth: The flat land, which holds that if the Earth were round, the continents would be flat and the Sun would be at the centre, was proposed by geophysicist Richard Haines in 1981.

Haines, who is the author of the book Flat Earth: A Scientific Analysis, said he was inspired by a book called The Earth is a Globe, by geologist William S. Gassner.

According to the Flat Land theory, there are three major parts to the Earth: the surface, the crust and the interior.

The crust is made up of rock that is between two and six kilometres thick.

When it moves around the Earth it changes the shape of the surface.

For example, the top

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