When it comes to the future of flat earth science, it’s a question of whether it’s in our best interests

When Flat Earth Society president Bill Sikes launched his project in 2011, he hoped it would inspire other researchers to rethink their theories.

“I was hoping that we’d see a bit more excitement about this, and maybe some scientists would start to look at the issues,” he says.

“But I didn’t really get that much support from the scientific community.

I’ve seen it come and go and change.

It was just sort of a weird experience.”

Now, Sikes believes his project will be a catalyst for a change.

“When I first started the Flat Earth Project, it was kind of a bit of a dream project, but it’s really going to work,” he tells Al Jazeera.

“It’s going to be something that I hope people will look at.

It’s going have a massive impact on the world.”

The future of science?

The future that is uncertain It’s hard to say exactly what will happen next.

For one thing, there is no agreed scientific definition of what flat earth is, which is why it’s hard for the public to know what to expect.

There are several models that are based on the fact that the Earth is round and the earth is flat, but none of them are completely accurate.

It is possible that, in the near future, researchers will develop a better understanding of how flat earth actually works.

Sikes says that is not yet certain.

“We are not completely certain, we don’t know if it is an actual flat earth, or whether it is just a mathematical construct,” he said.

It just means we’re going to have to do a lot more research to come up, and to try to understand the whole system better.” “

In any case, I’m quite optimistic about this.

It just means we’re going to have to do a lot more research to come up, and to try to understand the whole system better.”

But if Sikes and his colleagues succeed in producing an accurate model, he believes it will change how scientists look at flat earth and other aspects of the world’s climate.

“There are a lot of different theories out there, and a lot people want to know if they can prove it, but there is a lot that we still don’t understand,” he explained.

“And that’s where this new project comes in.”

Sikes, a former climate scientist who now works as a technology analyst for the National Science Foundation, believes his team will be the first to test the flat earth model.

“A lot of people don’t think about this because it’s been a little bit of an unknown,” he added.

“What’s the best theory to use?

We just haven’t looked at that.”

A flat earth can be considered to be an idealized model that provides a rough picture of the earth’s surface and the climate on it.

But it has a number of issues.

One is that, if you look at a flat Earth from a different perspective, the land mass on it may look different from the land on which it is located.

Another is that the land masses and climate of the Earth are quite different, which means that it’s not exactly flat, or even round.

And the most important thing about a flat earth isn’t the fact it’s flat, it is that it is not circular.

For this reason, Sike says that he hopes the Flat Ground Project will encourage scientists to take a new look at how the earth works.

“You need to look a bit deeper into the model, and look at some of the issues that we’ve just mentioned,” he stressed.

But sometimes, the models just don’t agree with the observations.” “

The models are all based on what we know.

But sometimes, the models just don’t agree with the observations.”

This is because scientists have often relied on assumptions that were not supported by the models, or have ignored them entirely.

Sucks to be a scientist…

But Sikes also believes the project will help scientists understand the scientific method.

“So I think the project is going to help the scientists to look deeper into their own work and try to work out what the best models are and try and put those into practice,” he concluded.

“That’s a really important thing to do.”

Al Jazeera’s Will Sikes is a former US scientist who is now an analyst with the National Academy of Sciences.

He is the author of Flat Earth: The Science of the Flat Planet.

He joined the Flatground Project in 2013.

Al Jazeera interviewed Sikes about the future and his new project, Flat Ground.

Watch the interview in the video player above.

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