How to do the flat bar workout: the best workout

The flat bar works great in the gym or on the couch, but when it comes to making the perfect workout, the best way to do it is on the flat.

It’s easy to perform on the bar, and it’s easy and fun to do with a partner.

Here are 10 exercises to get you going on the path to building your flat bar muscle.


The Flat Bench 1.

Barbell Row 2.

Push-ups 3.

Front raises 4.

Side raises 5.

Squats 6.

Pull-ups 7.

Curls 8.

Dumbbell Flyes 9.

Bent-over row 10.

Side-to-side flyes (incl. front raises) (Note: These are exercises that are performed on a flat bench.) 

(Source: Michael Kors) 2.

The V-Up (V-Rope)  The V-up is a simple barbell variation that’s great for a number of different reasons.

First, it’s simple, fast, and works your upper back, hips, and core muscles.

Secondly, it also has a ton of stability benefits, and can help you build a better, stronger upper back.

(Source) (Note the V-ups in the video above.) (Sources:  Poseidon Barbell, Michael Kors Barbell) 3.

The Bench Press The Bench Press is a great exercise for building a toned lower back and shoulder.

 (Sources) 4.

Single Leg Squats Single Leg Squatting can help develop your core and upper back muscles.

(Sources) 5.

The Power Rack (Power Rack) The Power Rack is a squat variation that can be used to build strength for your lower back.

(Sources: Olympic Rings, Pokel Squatting) 6.

Reverse Curls Reverse Curls are a great way to develop strength in the hamstrings, glutes, gluteus maximus, and triceps.

They’re also great for improving balance, mobility, and stability.

(“Power Rack” in the above video is not actually a Power Rack, but an Olympic Rings power rack.)


Flat Bar Curls (Power Curls) Power Curl variations like the Power Rack can help build strength in your lower body.

For more strength work, try: Power Curling (power-rack) 8.

Front Raises Front Raises are great for building strength in both the chest and tricep muscles.

The front raises are great to perform with a friend or partner because they’re easy and relaxing.

You can also do them in front of a mirror to keep the shoulders and upper abs balanced.

If you have trouble doing these exercises with a barbell, you can also use dumbbells.


Side Raises (Side Raises) The Side Raise is a popular way to strengthen your upper body and chest muscles.

(Source: Olympic Rings) 10.

Standing Calf Raise You should do these exercises as part of a strength program.

I’ve used the standing calf raise for years and love it.

It’s great to get some extra reps on the bench press, and I’ve also found it helps develop your abs.

This exercise is also great to work on your calves and calves are great at absorbing stress and are very important for building strong abs.

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