Which one is the best flat earth?

Which one of the many flat earth documentaries that have been made about the flat earth claims is correct?

I have heard some of them, including some of the best ones, but I am going to try and answer that question for you.

Let’s start with the most widely popular and most well known one: Flat Earth: Facts.

The Flat Earth Foundation, an organisation that claims to have debunked the flat Earth, claims that “the flat earth theory is based on a single, fundamental truth: the Earth is flat.”

The Flat Earthers are convinced that the Earth’s surface is flat.

It is not.

The earth is round.

According to the American National Geophysical Union (ANU), the earth is circular, but the term “round” has no meaning in the scientific sense of the word.

There are several types of circular shapes on the surface of the earth: a “round earth” or a “spherical Earth”.

The Earth’s diameter is about one tenth of a meter (0.25 centimetres) (equivalent to about 7.8 square inches) and its circumference is about 200,000 kilometres (125,000 miles).

The radius of the Earth was determined by astronomers using measurements taken from orbiting satellites and satellites orbiting the Earth.

The flat earth is based upon these measurements and a large number of people who hold the same views on the issue of the globe’s curvature believe that the earth’s curvability is a myth.

They believe the Earth orbits the sun in a circular orbit around the sun and that the Sun’s rotation on its axis is a gravitational force that bends the Earth into its current shape.

The fact that there is a circular shape on the Earth, the flat or round earth, is not disputed.

There is a large body of evidence that indicates that the flat and round earths are the same shape.

This body of scientific evidence includes measurements from satellites, measurements of the speed of the moon, measurements taken by the International Space Station, and other measurements.

This means that the fact that the circumference of the planet is equal to the diameter of the sun does not prove that the planet’s curvatures are a myth or that the sun’s rotation does not cause the Earth to rotate around the Sun.

The curvature of the surface is an effect caused by the curvature and rotation of the planets and the moon.

The planet Earth is rotating at about 23.5 million kilometres per hour (17.5 miles per second).

The Earth orbits about the Sun at a distance of around 3.7 billion kilometres (2.4 billion miles).

Therefore, there are a total of 23.4 million kilometres (15.4 miles) between the Earth and the Sun and a total radius of about 2.8 billion kilometres.

The Earth is a sphere of radius 1.618 kilometres (1.3 miles).

This radius is similar to that of the Moon.

It has a diameter of 1.4 kilometres (0,64 inches) which is equivalent to a diameter about the width of a postage stamp.

The radius and radius of a planet are not related to the curvatures of the sphere, but to the radius of its orbit around its parent star.

The Sun is a binary star, and has two primary planets, the Sun-Earth system.

The solar system is about 1,600 times as large as the Earth (about 6.9 billion kilometres in diameter).

Therefore the solar system has an orbit of about 9,000 orbits per day.

The sun’s orbit is about 23 times that of Earth’s orbit.

There have been many other planets in the solar systems that orbit the sun.

The planets have orbits of about 3.4 solar masses, which are similar to the orbits of planets in our solar system.

It would take about 7 Earths to circle the Sun in the direction of the Sun, so that is about 100 billion times as much mass as the sun itself.

If you look at the planets in a sphere, you will see that the outermost planet orbits the Sun with a radius of 1,200 kilometres (800 miles).

At that distance from the Sun it would be about three times the size of Earth.

However, because it is so small, it does not appear to move in the same direction that the solar wind does.

So the orbit of the outer planet is not much bigger than the orbit around Earth, which is about 10,000 times as big as the Sun itself.

This also explains why the orbits are not aligned.

For example, when Earth and Sun are at the same distance from one another, the orbits will align and the sun will appear to be in a slightly more distant orbit.

But if you look closer at the orbits, you see that they are not actually aligned.

The orbits of the two planets do not line up.

The outer planets move in their orbits in such a way that the orbits around the planets do align.

If the Earth were to move into an orbit with the Sun about the same position

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